ERP Systems Consulting

From Boardroom to the Shop Floor and across the departments of your organization, I can help you

My primary offers/services include:

  • Strategic management of resources -  Knowing how to be successful based upon your market and organization characteristics and selecting the appropriate strategy/tactics for critical control points/situations
  • System Configuration - Mapping your business to your ERP System and configuring your ERP System to work for your organization
  • Data Integrity - Understanding your data and how to use it to optimize your chance for success 
  • Knowledge - Educating and training your key resources, including staffing with ASCM/APICS certified resources - Learning the discipline and workings of ERP
  • System documentation - Facilitating the development of detailed procedures and checklists on how to accomplish a successful ERP implementation in your organization to capture learning and protect from asset turnover

Other Offers Include:

  • Custom report development - Achieving critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to successfully monitor business operations and other required outputs from your system
  • Custom application design - When "canned" processes are not adequate or new interfaces are required

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